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Queensland Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS)

BrightSky provides continence products to the Queensland Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) as part of its provider panel. The Queensland Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme is part of Queensland Health and is run by the Queensland Government.

MASS provides funding for medical aids and equipment to eligible Queensland residents who have permanent and stabilised condition or a disability. The Scheme is designed to assist people to continue to live at home and to avoid premature or inappropriate hospitalisation or residential care.

More information on Queensland subsidy schemes, and applying to MASS, is available here.

Click to access the list of approved continence products provided under MASS, which includes nappies, pads, reusable pants, bed pads, chair pads, catheters, penile sheaths and drainage bags.

Information for MASS continence prescribers is available here and includes application forms, information sheets and guidelines.

MASS has a system to enable online applications for prescribers and clients.

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