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icare (Insurance and Care NSW)

BrightSky is an icare approved provider for health consumables, providing continence, nutrition, wound care, respiratory, skin care and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products. icare stands for Insurance and Care NSW and is part of the NSW Government.

BrightSky supports participants in icare schemes including:

  • the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme, supporting people severely injured in a motor accident in NSW with spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, burns, amputations and other severe injuries;
  • the Workers Care Program, supporting workers severely injured in a workplace accident in NSW;
  • Dust Diseases Care, supporting workers who have a disability as a result of a compensable dust disease contracted in a NSW workplace; and
  • CTP Care, for people with a long-term injury and ongoing needs caused by a motor accident in NSW and have an accepted claim with a CTP (Compulsory Third Party) insurer
  • Workers Insurance, supporting workers with an accepted workers compensation claim in NSW.

BrightSky has a longstanding working relationship with icare, which commenced shortly after the start of the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme in 2007. This longstanding partnership continues through BrightSky’s reappointment to icare’s provider panel for health consumables in 2023 for a 5 year contract term.

For more information, including applying to an icare scheme, access the icare website here.

For icare queries and orders, contact BrightSky Customer Support team on:

Email –

Phone- 1300 88 66 01

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